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Bridger Psychiatric Services

Dr. Kenneth Olson has been working as a psychiatrist in Bozeman, MT to alleviate
mental health concerns of patients for over 20 years. His practice offers a variety of
therapeutic options including psychotherapy, eye movement desensitization and
reprocessing (EMDR),  heart rate variability (HRV), and neurofeedback.  Dr. Olson
works closely with his patients to assure the most effective treatment is found and works with them to assure any treatment methods continue to be effective. Read more about our psychiatric services here. 

Neurofeedback Solutions

Neurofeedback is a process of training your brain to respond differently to signals. 
It typically involves the use of silent sound waves to stimulate areas of a person’s brain,
resulting in reconditioned responses.  It is a painless and quick process, that over time has been shown to alleviate anxiety, adhd, parkinson’s disease and other conditions.  We have had great success treating patients with neurofeedback.  Read more about our neurofeedback solutions here. 

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